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Philippians 1:6

Tuesday, January 01, 2008


calling all mommies,

yes, i have lived here since nov. 9.

yes, that has been oh-so-close to two months.

no, i haven't taken my nearly-11-month-old baby to the doctor yet.

(wanna fight me for the worst mother award, jenny?)

i need referrals here people.

and if you've ever paid for a well-baby visit without insurance, that'd be even better. 'cause then you could tell me how much this is gonna set me back.

much obliged in advance,



La said...

We really, really liked Dr. Wagnon at Shannon Clinic. There are always the La Esperanza Clinics that charge on a sliding scale according to your salary, but they don't have a pediatrician - just a family doctor. And you'll wait FOREVER to get in. I wouldn't take her to the clinic for a well baby visit. I would only take her if she was sick and you couldn't afford the pediatrician.

Moving and finding new doctors does stink. I finally got ours all straightened out, but it took awhile. Have fun! =)

no_iffer said...

Mason got his four year check up about three MONTHS late. I still win the worst mother of the year award.

We go to Dr.Wehner and really like him. He's laid back and nice. However, he does have a ton of patients so seeing him is not always the easiest.

but...he always says things to me like, "let us know if your insurance doesn't cover such and such...we'll work something out..." He may just be nice to teachers like that (his daughter is one), but that's gotta count for something?

Meems said...

We have Dr. Wehner as well. I love him. He doesn't make big deals out of things unless they really are a big deal.

I believe well baby appointments for the non-insured is $65 plus $5 a shot.

Team-D said...

we use dr Cambre at WTMA and I told her that we would be with out medicial and she said she would work with me. I liked Wehner better but I heard he was not taking new patients. Oh and I missed the 15 month and had to due it with the 18 month right before Christmas.

Meems said...

I don't like the way my comment sounded. I put and emphasis on the word "non-insured" because shannon gives a 25% discount if this is the case.

It's funny, the difference between an appointment with the insurance from my husbands work and without any insurance is only $30.

Not quite the bargain a ton of money a month should get you.