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"...being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you
will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6

Thursday, January 17, 2008

a couple exciting pieces of news.

1.) i have a charger, and my phone is fully loaded with battery juice. i am awaiting your phone calls... (angela.) i know you've all been desperately trying to call for the past week. (angela.) i'm here to tell you your agony has ended.

2.) i'm going to see my baby's heartbeat today.

through a series of routine, albeit uncomfortable, procedures and a 6-hour stint at the shannon emergency room on thursday, it was determined that i should be scheduled for an outpatient sonogram today at 2:30 p.m. - a little more than two weeks before my regularly scheduled sonogram in the doctor's office.

see, i've had a bladder infection coming and going for about a month. i finally called the doctor on monday. yes, my mom has already chastised me for waiting that long. the doctor couldn't get me in for nearly a week-and-a-half, but the nurse felt i needed to be seen. (what's 10 more days after a month?) she told me to go to the er. so i went.

i waited for three hours hours in the waiting room, which, if you've never done this, you totally should. the people watching is phenomenal. i mean, don't do it unless you have a bladder infection that really isn't all that bad. don't go if you have sick children who are screaming and in pain. that's what everyone else does. and i don't think they get to watch the people all that much.

i finally got called in to a room where they told me to get naked (in so many words..) and wait some more. a nurse-looking lady came in, listened to my heartbeat and told me i'd be there for another three hours. awesome. then a very german-named doctor came in and pushed on my tummy. i almost peed my pants. it doesn't take much these days. then another nurse came in, and i had a catheter and had several viles of blood taken. then i waited. they came back an hour later and said, "you have a bladder infection."

"uh. thanks. i know."

they gave me a perscription for an antibiotic and told me i was scheduled for this sonogram.

that brings us to today. today i will see my baby's heartbeat.

i woke up several times last night and stayed awake for 30 minutes or so. i was praying for mari, who, if you didn't know, had her baby late yesterday evening. she was in labor all day, and, due to the late hour, all i heard was the baby was born. i'm not sure how big she is or what time it was exactly. anyway, i was praying for mari and that the baby was nursing well.

and i was thinking about this sonogram. see, i've been having lots of dreams about twins. i know that can't possibly be true. landon may very well move to timbuktu if that is the case, and i kinda need him.

so i'm excited to know for sure there's only ONE baby inside.

right, Lord?

only ONE baby...


Amy said...

I'm so sorry about the bladder infection...that stinks!

Hearing the ONE baby's amazing! Congrats again, I hope you just fall in love when you here HIS heartbeat. :)

So exciting! I can't wait to meet this one!

Adam said...

Last summer we were going out of town and the day before we were leaving my eyes started killing me. It was too late for the Dr. so I too went to the ER. I saw waited an hour saw the Dr. for 30 secs (seriously) found out I had pink eye, got some medicine and left $450 later. I understand ER's SUCK!! Goodluck on that ONE BABY thing. Love yall.

kj said...

if you have twins, i'll take one. deal?! yes!

Meems said...

You are cracking me up. Next time go around 2:00am. That's when all the drunk people go. It's hilarious. N used to get kidney stones frequently and we spent many a nights in the ER.

La said...

So you're just going to leave us hanging? That's just wrong....