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will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

pandora: THE coolest thing on earth.

i have this super cool friend beth. she lives in new york city, and she is so much more metropolitan than i could ever dream of being.

she emailed me a couple days ago about a site called

it's THE coolest thing on earth. no question.

you go to the site, enter an artist you like (my first entry was diana krall) and it creates a radio station of artists and songs similar to your initial entry. you can also create a station with a song title, but the selection will be much narrower. it's a radio station so there is no rewinding or listening to songs over and over. you have to buy the music to do that. understandable. but i am just overwhelmed with the coolness of this! i have loved every song on "diana krall radio." you can mark songs you want to purchase as well as mark songs you don't really think go with what you're looking for in that radio station.

it's free to listen on the internet, and you can maintain up to 100 radio stations. you can also subscribe to pandora on your sprint phone or in your home! if i had the money to buy the equipment, i'd totally pay the $36 a month to have this stuff in my house.

i can see it now... dinner parties with the girls while "diana krall radio" croons in the background.


again, beth is the coolest girl i know.

i mean, she sent me all four issues of time magazine from february 2007 all wrapped up and ready for ellie to open on her 18th birthday as part of her baby present. i mean, who thinks of that?! beth. that's who. it helped that she worked at time at the time. (ha.) yeah. she's that cool. the woman moved to new york to work for real simple, then she worked for time and now she works for google.


i wish i could be that cool.

go to pandora! now!


as erica pointed out, the subscription is only $36 a YEAR, not a month. even better!


Erica said...

I found your blog through Cassandra's and have been reading for a while now. Thanks for posting this! I'm looking at the site now and loving it. Also, it says that subscription is $36 a year, not a month, so perhaps not as expensive as you thought!

La said...

Super cool! Thanks for sharing. I LOVE it! Of course, Josh Groban was the first artist I put in. =)

cassandralynne. said...

pandora doesn't like me. It keeps telling me to come back tomorrow. dangit.

Beth said...

Wow! I'm going to read this whenever I feel bad about my life! P.S. I am totally not more cosmopolitan than you could ever be. P.P.S. Pandora has seriously saved my sanity -- I'm so glad the word is spreading!