Aiming for progress, not perfection.

"...being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you
will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


here are some things i've neglected posting on here in the past week or so. these are in no particular order. i can't remember in what order they occurred, so, sorry.

1.) MY BROTHER IS GETTING MARRIED THIS WEEKEND! hello. i can't believe i haven't blogged more about that. this is a big-time fancy wedding. i'm excited to see it all come together. and i'm very excited for kelly and scott who were most certainly made for each other. my mama bought be a cute dress to wear to the rehearsal. love that mama. i have cute silver shoes for the ceremony. ellie is a to-die-for outfit my Gramma (her GiGi) made her. i can't even explain it on here. i'll have to post pictures post wedding. it's so cute.

2.) landon and i got to spend most of Monday together ALONE. funny little concept, alone. i never knew how precious it was until a little blondie with big blue eyes and a big mouth showed up. my mom watched her sunday, and we got to go to the smu-tech game (let's not discuss the score), which was exciting because we'd never been to an smu football game together. landon always has work on saturdays. smu is my alma mater, for those of you who don't know. i'm a big football fan. doesn't usually get me anything but heartache and teasing, but i believe one day it will pay off. pony up! go mustangs! it was a great time with my honey. funny is that we debated going to starbucks afterward to make it last a little longer, but ultimately determined that two 59-cent quick trip drinks would afford us the same together time without the $10 price tag. ha.

3.) ellie went to the zoo with laura on tuesday. i debated letting her go because that means i was absent for her first trip to the zoo. and it was the fort worth zoo. the good one. but landon talked me into it saying, 'she won't ever remember. she won't even know to look at the animals.' i don't know. but i gave in. there are wonderful pictures, but i'm too sleepy to get up and look for my camera cord right now. laura said she was a perfect princess the whole time. also laura bought her a super soft, super sweet giraffe.

4.) ellie is soo close to crawling. she actually moves pretty well. there's just one problem -- she goes backwards. she seriously rocks on her hands and knees and stays up for longer now. she also pushes up with her hands and her feet into what i call her "downward dog" yoga position. cutie pie. i have no idea what i'm going to do when she starts to crawl. currently, i'm praying that we miraculously get a bigger place with plush carpeting by then. no such luck so far. we're still in the apartment with laminate wood flooring and ikea furniture with sharp edges every 18 inches.

5.) jobs. enough said. this item is so multi-faceted that i couldn't even begin to enumerate its intricacies on here without a lot more time and energy than i have.

6.) last month we ran out of money 10 days before pay day. earlier in the month, a friend of ours at the church gave us some baby formula samples that they had and didn't plan to use. i was thankful, but just sorta shoved it into the cabinet and moved on. well, the day we were certain there was no more money to spend, i had to pop open one of those sample cans. on day 10, the day we got paid, i scooped the last bit of that supply. GOD PROVIDED 10 DAYS WORTH OF FORUMLA. He knew we would needed it. it wasn't too much. it wasn't too little. it was perfect. ahh. i just love that story. i want to tell everyone i know. hallelujah!

7.) the excitement that i am experiencing in anticipation for one dallas cowboys vs. new york giants game happening this sunday night is inexplicable. i'm about to bubble over onto the floor in a puddle of silver and blue.

8.) God is revealing some really cool stuff to me through the crown financial class i'm taking at church this kickoff season. it's not anything i didn't know (double negative, sorry), but He's just bringing me to a deeper understanding of some basic concepts about His plan for our finances. this week, it was provision. of course i know that God promises to provide for us. but what hit home this past sunday was that His ways of provision are unpredictable. hence, the revelation about the 10-day formula. God is predictable and unpredictable at the same time. He is predictable because He will always provide for our needs. He is unpredictable because you never know how He will bring us our provision. the design is to develop our capacity to trust Him in the face of uncertainty. i also discovered my need to be more aware of the small gifts that God sends my way, and that He is blessing me for a purpose. i have not consistently sought that purpose or been faithful with the small things - even as menial as keeping my laundry washed and in good condition, my house clean and taken care of. the Spirit is speaking to me that all i have is owned by the Lord, and i am but a steward, appointed to take care of it for a time. why is it that growing in my relationship with God is painful and wonderful at the same time? it hurts so good!

i think that's it for now. i promise to find the camera cord soon. you're gonna be in for a treat when i do.

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Scruggs Family said...

Beautiful Sarah,
Oh my goodness. So much to read! I love it. My favorite has to be the 10-day forumla testimony, hands down! That helps me remember that God provides in every area of need. I miss seeing you too! Um (clearing throat) do you think I could get my job back? I'm asking in jest because I'm realizing how truly blessed I was to be in your presence!