Aiming for progress, not perfection.

"...being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you
will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6

Monday, August 13, 2007


tonight i was reading ellie a book. i have read her a few books in her short six months, but i will admit that i wish i'd been doing it more often. tonight, on the night of her half-year birthday, i committed to read her at least one book every night.

we read a book called 'adeline.' delana gave ellie the book during the san angelo baby shower, i believe. i'd never read it before tonight when i was reading to e. the whole thing rhymes, and it's super cute. it's about a little girl who loves valentine's day, and gets about a million valentines. they all talk about how they love her, but there is one who loves her more. she goes through the day getting so many valentines, just waiting. finally she finds out who loves her most.
"so adeline cleared off her little pink chair,
and she sat down, exhausted, and whispered a prayer:

'i thank you, dear God, for this beautiful day,
for the thousands of valentines you sent my way.
but tell me, dear God, i'm asking you please,
who could possibilty care for me
more than all these?'

'my dear child,' whispered God in a voice small and still,
'you have asked me to tell you, and tell you i will.

these valentine wishes have helped you to see
that the one who loves adeline greatest is ME!

i gave you your family.
i gave you good friends.
i gave you your hair that curls up on the ends.
i gave you the flowers.
i gave you the trees.
i gave you milk chocolate. i gave you swiss cheese!

all the things in this world i have given with pleasure
to show you, my child, that it's YOU that i treasure.'"
um.. hello. remind me not to read outloud before i know how a book ends. if ellie knew any better, she'd think i was nutso.


i've been thinking all day about how to approach this post about david and delana on their 30th anniversary. i really don't think i have words. but after reading that book to ellie, i started thinking about how God has shown me His love by blessing me with them as family. i cannot describe to you the esteem in which i hold them. they have provided for me. supported me. encouraged me. exhorted me. they have challenged me, comforted me and listened to me.

most of all, they have loved me.

from the second i met them, the love of God has radiated through them and penetrated my heart and soul.

there will never, ever, ever be a way to repay or explain the gift i have been given in these two individuals. not only are they wonderful, but all three of their children have blessed my life in incomprehendable ways!

i could ramble here forever.

david & delana,

i hope you are enjoying your anniversary trip. your marriage is an inspiration to me, and i can only hope to someday make a fraction of the difference in someone else's life that you have made in mine.

i love you more than words.

your daughter,


a very small p.s. here... isn't david stinkin' handsome! still is. man, you're lucky, mama. :)


marme said...

okay girl, now you made me cry...and dad. we just got back from a full day and night on Chicago. I ran upstairs to get our laptops (cuz it's free internet in the lobby) while dad got us a coke. We are both reading this aat the same time and looked over at each other at the same time with tears rolling down both of our cheeks.

You have touched us tonight, but you have touched our heart from the moment we met you and our love for you continues to grow. We have never been the same since you came into our lives...our precious daughter.

we love you more than words could ever express.

marme said...

by the way...

how'd you get that picture?

beautiful chaos said...

Gut-wrencher. How in the world did you amazing people all find each other?
Love to you all.

kj said...

you made me cry too! that is very sweet and so true. they are amazing people who impact many lives. i am lucky to be one of their kiddos.

we all love and are so lucky to have you in our lives, sarah. you bless us all each day.