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"...being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you
will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6

Friday, August 31, 2007

so exciting! except i missed it...

so we were hanging out at kayci and jessie's house last night - halfway watching the bor-ing cowboys game.

ellie was rolling all over the place, scooting around, babbling like a sweet pea while we were chatting. i always set her up, and then she takes off like she's gonna crawl, but she can't yet. she gets on all fours and rocks. she stays up for longer and longer each time.

anyway.. she's rolling around on the floor behind me, and all of a sudden i look at landon, and he has his mouth open. he's looking at ellie. i look at her.

she's sitting up!

she got from laying down to sitting up all by herself!

and i missed it...


La said...

I think I've missed a lot of firsts too. Sometimes people didn't have the heart to tell me until after I had witnessed the big milestone firsthand. John David took his first steps in the church nursery with Michelle....

marme said...

and grama missed it!
and grama misses her!
and grama misses you!
and grama misses landon!
and grama misses mattie!
and grama misses mandy!
and grama misses kylah!
and grama misses michael!

Wow, I think it's time for a family come-together!

Amy said...

Yeah for Ms. Ellie Claire! You're such a smart and wonderful baby! Wish I could see you sitting up! Boo-hoo! Hope to see you guys soon. It just stinks we don't see eachother but on holidays or when someone gets married! Ha! Love yall

kj said...

what the heck?! i can't believe you missed it! i wish that you'd have seen it and had the camera so we could have seen it too!

i love you and love that little baby. i can't wait to see you both!

no_iffer said...

That is so exciting! Just wait till she starts crawling - the world changes in an instant. I can't believe she is even old enough to be doing these things. Crazy how fast it goes!