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"...being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you
will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6

Monday, July 30, 2007

christened -- i'm officially a mom.

i came home after a super long day at work today and held my baby. she was being a sweetie until she started fussing. i figured she was hungry. delana made her a bottle -- she, david, matt, mandy and landon were all in the living room with ellie and i -- and i fed her.

she gulped down eight ounces like she'd never eaten, which is not unusual. she's always ravenous. she kept fussing after she finished eating so i figured she needed to burp.

i held her up over my shoulder, patting like a good mama.

at one point she held her head up, and i looked at her. she looked almost drunk.

that was .5 seconds before she let out the most horrible puking noise and proceeded to upchuck her entire bottle and more -- projectile no less -- all over me.

i have never seen so much throw up in my life.

and i was wearing it.

and everyone watched.


after i calmly handed the baby to delana, toweled off a bit and headed toward the bedroom to change, i heard matt say this:

"it takes some cojones to be a mom."



Team-D said...

been there done that is it amazing that the nave so much to throw up and they have such little stomachs!?!?!?

As a mom i am sorry that it happened but you will make it through this and many other things because you love them so much!!!

La said...

wait until you get projectile poo all over you. now that's a real treat and you'll REALLY feel like a mom then. =)

kj said...

eewww. GROSS! ;)

cassandralynne. said...

Oh my goodness. How awful! Yet the end of your blog is hilarious. I can totally hear Matt saying "cajones" in reference to mothering abilities. I'm sorry you were christened. :o/

no_iffer said...

Welcome! It's nice to have you in the motherhood club. At our next meeting we will discuss the best way to remove poop from the bath water and carrot baby food stains from your church clothes as you drive.

Enjoy this week as a mom. And remember our motto: When pooped on, don't get pooped out.

FYI: Mason did this to me once and about two days later I got the worst stomach flu. I highly doubt this will happen, but be careful about getting her that's possible. :)

marme said...

just to add a note, that comment from uncle mattie was right after he had dashed so heroically 5 ft up and 10 ft over in one single bound from behind the victim,as he hollered out in exagerated fear! oh, someday mattie...

kdp said...

boy i know what that is like!!!!!!!!! hannah used to do that after every single meal. until the doctor's figured out that she had acid reflux. mix that with 24 hr a day screaming from pain and you have hannah's first 6 months of life.

rw said...

hey at least you weren't in me and my colleenie bean when she was about 2. and she had just eaten pintos and cheese from taco bell. the smell was incredible.