Aiming for progress, not perfection.

"...being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you
will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

at tha crossroads.

this post title makes me think of that old song by bone thugs-n-harmony called, "tha crossroads."

yeah. that's how you spell it. "tha." i looked it up.

well, i'm there.

i can't get too detailed because of the public nature of this blog, but i feel like one phase of my life is coming to an end, but i haven't an inkling as to the next step.

seriously, i want this phase to end. i'm so ready. things are just not well. my spirit is stirring for a change.

but if i end it, i have no idea where to go next.

i can think of several options, but none of them seem to be just blaringly perfect.

i suppose it's because my limited vision is incapable of seeing the perfect option because it's yet to be revealed. and most likely i'm not going to see it until i take a leap of faith, following what i believe to be the right thing in my heart.

God likes to do that, huh? ask us to go places without a specified reason. it's because He ends up providing a great testimony that would be far less impactful if i knew the outcome beforehand.

but herein lies my problem: how do i know if i'm supposed to take the leap, and He's ready to catch me? what if i'm just being an impatient brat who needs to just suck it up and stay put?

that, my friends, is the million dollar question.

so here i remain.

and in the words of krayzie bone, layzie bone, wish bone, bizzy bone and flesh-n-bone:
gotta hold on gotta stay strong/when the day comes/better believe bone got a shoulder you can lean on/hey and we pray, and we pray, and we pray, and we pray/everyday, everyday, everyday, everyday/and we pray, and we pray, and we pray, and we pray/everyday, everyday, everyday, everyday


kj said...

well, me dear friend, whatever that crossroads is right now, i pray for peace and guidance in a major way.

dear jesus, please be with sarah right now. i know she is going through a decision making time in her life and i pray that even if she cannot see the answer perfectly clearly, that you would give her a peace so she would know she is in your will. let your spirit wash over her right now. amen.

Aunt Sandy said...

Are you not only ready for the leap, but are you ready for a crash on the other side. Trust me, the landing isn't always as smooth as you'd like. God doesn't always provide a fluffy mattress pad on the other side. Once you crash are you ready to work and persist to make the dream a reality??? I know that your desires are possible, but remember to expect big challenges! I love you!

marme said...

i'm praying for you.

Ezra 8:21
Psalm 37:23
Psalm 48:14
Proverbs 3:6
Proverbs 16:9