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will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

what is a mother?

this post is in honor of the steadily increasing number of people in my life who are pregnant. the angels in heaven (and a certain three, in particular) are rejoicing with the news that my friends penny and mike are having a baby. i just found out yesterday that penny is eight weeks pregnant. penny waited a long time to find the most perfect man and God sent her mike. penny came along for mike at a time when he needed her most. he has three baby boys who are in heaven, and i know they can't wait to watch over their new baby brother or sister that penny has growing inside of her. i also found out that my friend nick's wife is about seven weeks pregnant. amy is 16 or so weeks pregnant. molly's friend lori's baby eli will be born today. and my family's youth pastors, abe and amy, had addison elyse just a couple days ago. the number of new lives that are blessing me and those around me is almost more than my already-full-of-love heart can handle. this is like no other experience on earth.

all of this made me wonder...what is a mother?

are there even words to describe her?

a mother is the only person who knows what it feels like to have another person living inside her. a mother is one whose heart was perfectly crafted to love her baby forever, no matter its flaws. a mother is giving, sacrificing and eternally grateful for the gift of her child. a mother doesn't mind getting dirty. a mother is consumed by prayers for her baby's happiness and peace. a mother encourages when no one else will. a mother cleans. a mother soothes. a mother knows just how every inch of skin on her baby's body feels and just the place where every freckle lies. a mother is outspoken and courageous. a mother will go to the ends of the earth to find what her baby needs. a mother potects, no matter the cost. a mother is calming and always knows what her child needs. a mother understands her baby's cries - even when he's 15, or 25 or 45. a mother's heart is capable of holding an equal amount of love for every one of her children. a mother is fierce. a mother is gentle. a mother would give up everything for one second more with her baby.

at the same time that all this incredible baby news is happening, landon had to attend a funeral yesterday for a baby named noah. noah was born only five months after he was concieved. he lived for 30 days, and is now in the arms of Jesus. my first inclination is to think, "why even send him, God?" but when i really think about it, in those 30 days noah was alive he made a mother out of his mom. she was already a mother, but it happened all over again as soon as she knew noah existed. and i know noah's mom will always cherish the moments she could touch his tiny hands and feet. i know she realized more blessings in his short life than she could've imagined possible.

a mother is one who realizes her life is better for knowing her child - no matter what that means.

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Your life will forever be changed...