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"...being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you
will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

camp: more than pictures could ever tell.

our youth summer camp was called vertical this year. the theme was about how to get vertical with God - how to move up in your relationship with Him. the week was completely exhausting. we had so much damage control to perform. but the memories for me will not be about the difficult parts, but of this picture of 12 girls who i cannot imagine not knowing like i do now. so many cool things happened in all our lives, mine included. and remember what i said about developing what landon calls, "the burden?" yeah, i did. before summer camp, i loved kids. i know what it was like when i was a kid and how bad i needed God. but it was still a struggle for me to get out of bed on sunday mornings and drag myself to church. it was a struggle to get there early and to engage sleepy teenagers in conversations it appeared have no affect on their lives whatesoever. but after camp, i realize the desperate need these girls have for God. and how a simple note, smile or word of encouragement can take them from a really, really bad day, to a great day. they seem confident and i-don't-need-you-ish. but it's a front. they need you a great deal. i knew i'd developed the burden when i went out of town the weekend after camp to see my dad in alabama, and i cried because i wasn't going to be there to see my girls at church. i didn't want them to think i'd left them. i want them to see me. just see me around. so they know i'm still here. it wasn't just a week of camp thing. it's an all the time thing. no matter what, i'm ready to help them face their problems with the power we're given from the Most High God. it was also amazing to get to spend a whole week with my little brother, travis. he's the best.

following are pictures from the week (from top to bottom):

*this is a (not so good) shot from the back of a service at camp.
*the great sam solano and jacob park playing in the talent tour.
*this are my incredible campers. i adore every single one of them.
*morgan bell doing a dialogue between two characters from lord of the rings in the talent tour. quite amazing really.
*miranda (aaron & jeanette's cousin) doing impressive gymnastics during the talent tour - she's in sixth grade!
*amy, jeanette and me. everyone is so beautiful at camp!
*me and my handsome brother travis.
*me and my handsome husband landon.
*cami and lauren singing a duet during the talent tour.

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