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"...being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you
will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6

Monday, June 19, 2006

sweet love, even from strangers and maternity for pennies.

i know i said this a couple days ago in a post, but the amount of support and excitement from people about this pregnancy has just been enormous. here's one of the best examples from someone i've only ever seen once (at nat's wedding) and never actually met in person:

"Congratulations! I only know you through Natalie and cyber-space, and our brief connection with the Dove commercial... but CONGRATULATIONS! It's funny how I don't know you personally, but I am over the moon excited for you! LOL, the Internet makes this such a small world... so just wanted to let you know that prayers for your little miracle are coming all the way from Tennessee! ~ Caroline"

caroline is a fellow blogger and, at any moment, is about to celebrate her one-year anniversary with her husband rusty. wasn't that so kind of her to post? i think so. and it's been that way with everyone. nothing but offers to help and huge, sweet smiles of excitement. makes it hard not to be excited myself.


my mom and i went to look at cribs yesterday at baby depot inside burlington coat factory. there wasn't much there that i wanted - it was a little messy and most everything was still on the too-frilly-and-traditional-baby side for me. landon and i are minimalists (as far as decor goes) and we're thinking we want something simple and tastefully modern. no classic pooh. no baby pink or baby blue. something....else. we'll find it.

even though nothing knocked me over in the nursery decorating department, mom and i did go to willow bend mall and the japanese weekend maternity store. it was so fun! you can try on maternity clothes - i have a tiny belly that i'm convinced is a little bit bigger than it was before, even if only by centimeters - no matter what size you are at this place. and they're supposed to last you from two months to nine months. their stuff is extremely comfortable and very, very cute. and like i said, the rumor is i can wear it from now until baby is ready to face the world. i got some super awesome jeans with adoreable details on the back pockets. they just have an elastic band around the top to expand when i need. oh, fyi, all the jw maternity pants are meant to fit under your belly, not like old school all-the-way-up-to-under-your-boobs. i also got a little black dress that wraps and ties and you just tie it looser as your belly grows. i'm sure i'll be wearing that for everything i need to dres up for during my pregnancy. and two shirts: a three-quarter-length sleeved one that has this faux wrap thing that is great. and an empire waist one with pink, sheer cap sleeves and tons of colors in this great design. their clothes are normally $60 to $150, but all of this was on triple markdown and then 15 percent off that. i got it all for about $150. good stuff. i've also bought three sweaters, one maternity, two more that are just larges, and a super cute hooded grey and white striped shirt (also maternity) from old navy, and i think the most expensive one of those was $6.49. seriously, sweaters for $3 and $4. LOVE old navy.

anyway.. enough rambling about clothes. i will looks for some pictures to post if i can find them of the jw stuff. it's so cute!

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