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"...being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you
will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6

Thursday, June 22, 2006

o li vee ahhhhh

mom and i had a genius breakthrough last night. we were discussing nursery ideas, and thought we could buy fabric and make the bedding pieces. you know, design the thing ourselves to be exactly how we want it. my mom and especially my grandmother are gifted seamstresses so we could definitely get that done. so we were searching online for fabric and found tons of super cool things. i was/am leaning toward something modern, bright and funky. i want there to be a lot of textures. some cotton fabric, but then some super soft velvety fabric and maybe some with a raised pattern or something. i don't know. all i know is out of the 5,000 nursery themes i've seen, i've thought many were cute, but nothing has been perfect yet. i know i have awhile, but we've got to get moving at least on the idea. especially if we're gonna make the stuff, for heaven's sake. and i think it takes awhile for a nursery to come together. and i'm not gonna wanna be doing painting when i'm 8.5 months pregnant and miserable.

so we're searching fabric, and we come across the quilt squares you see here.

OLIVIA THE PIG!!! i love children's books and olivia is by far my favorite. she's a very matter-of-fact little pig who has all kinds of adventures and is known for her indecisiveness when it comes to attire. you should definitely run to your nearest library and check out some of her books. she's precious. it also helps that i want to name a baby girl olivia - i have since i was in 10th grade.

the room would be red, black and white. i love this black crib, but up until now, hadn't seen anything that would go so well with black. the lamp is just something i found when googling olivia. i think red, black and white would be good because they'd be easy colors to pick up cheap pieces from ikea to match the nursery instead of buying dressers from the baby store for $500. the unfinished dresser you see here is $39.99 from ikea. i could paint it black and maybe put some cute knobs on it to dress it up. there are also black bookshelves and desks and all that... easy to match.

landon is a gifted artist, and i think i would love to put this a perfect picture of olivia on a transparency and have him trace and paint it on the wall. i love her bows! we'd probably put her on the wall above the crib, paint two other walls solid and do the fourth in some funky pattern of strips or dots or something.

what do you think? i think it's wonderful.

the big question though: can we only do olivia for a girl? mom says it works for either or. i'm not convinced. of course, it's a given if it's a girl, and we decide to name her olivia.

i think i'm gonna buy these quilt squares regardless and get some other fun red, white and black solid fabrics and have my gramma make the baby a quilt. can't you just see it???

oh, i'm in love.

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