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will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6

Monday, May 08, 2006

road trip to a Little Chapel in the Woods and a plethora of pomanders.

so yesterday i was taking doc out for a pee and texting a friend of mine to find out if she wanted to go get some ice cream.

i'd just gotten up from a nap, landon was still sleeping and when he got up he was going to play basketball.

while i was texting, i was interrupted by a phone call from another friend molly.

she and natalie had been hanging out and just happened upon a michael's where they proceeded to drop $125 on various pink (excuse me, fuschia) and chocolate brown ribbon as well as a variety of pink and white silk roses and peonies - the roses complete with dew drops glistening.

they called because without knowing it, they'd launched themselves into a wedding project - making pomanders to hang on the first few rows of the beautiful chapel where molly will be saying 'i do' in october.

so of course, all available bridesmaids were invited to join the festivities. that included me. i hurried right over.

it was quite fun, but we realized that a pomander commands quite a few more flowers than we orignally estimated. but, not to worry, a solution was divised. two incredibly lovely, full pomanders on the first rows on either side of the aisle and then simple, pretty satin bows alternating down the rest of the aisle.

after the pomanders (none of these here are the ones we actually made. they're simply examples in case you're one of those few people who are not wedding crazy and do not know what a pomander is - if that's even possible) were complete we decided to road trip it from dallas to denton to see the place molly is getting married.

i-t i-s f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s! i love it.

the chapel photos here are of little chapel in the woods on the twu campus in denton. the wedding will be here, and the reception will be a short walk across campus to hubbard hall in the room that doesn't have icky yellow tile on the wall or water stains on the ceiling. it wasn't open so we couldn't go in. we did get to go in the chapel and, i'm not exaggerating here, it's breathtaking. tiny and so detailed. stain glass windows, lead framed windows, incredible lights that dim and simple wooden pews. it's just so intimate. it's perfect. i know, i'm rambling. i'll get to the point.

we had a great time hanging out, and we got tons of ideas. example: we're gonna buy wooden letters "M" and "C" (for molly and chris) and paint them fuschia. look at the photo of the front of the chapel. we're going to tie them on either side of the front door on the brick part. there are little holes in the brick behind that you can't see where we'll loop the ribbon and make a bow in the front.

sorry... bad explanation.

my mom is going to make the bouquets and flower arrangements (all roses) that will be scattered throughout the two locations - the centerpieces at the actual reception will be rose petals and candles inside glass hurricanes provided by twu.

it's all just going to be beautiful. i'm so glad molly trusts natalie and me so much with wedding ideas because i freakin' love doing this kind of stuff.

i mean, can you blame her? our weddings were simply stunning, if i do say so myself.

aahhh.. weddings. it never gets old.

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Molly said...

Yes, pomanders are great...if you have a ton of money to blow on flowers. Thanks so much for going on my unplanned wedding excursion Sarah. It was a great reminder how hilarious you are. And thanks for all the wonderful ideas..I blame work and school for killing my creativity. With your help, my wedding is going to be above and beyond my wildest decorating dream! You gotta love fuschia!