Aiming for progress, not perfection.

"...being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you
will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6

Monday, April 24, 2006

weekend update.

friday: not too much. worked late. came home and hung out with landon and doc for awhile. took a bath. went to bed. thrilling, i know.

saturday: woke up and stayed in bed with landon for about 45 minutes. we do that every saturday morning. just talking. it's really great. then we woke up and went to chubbie's for breakfast. eggs over medium, bacon, hashbrowns, toast - your basic heart attack on a plate. then we went home, and i laid in the sun for too long (horrible sunburn..) and landon went to the office. i went to church, and we went to pizza inn to watch some bulls-heat (good game) and hang out with teenagers.

sunday: woke up and drove landon to the church. went home. wrote a story. went back to church. stood with the champions kids in front of the 10:30 congregation while they prayed for the kids. attempted to talk to the 5th grade children's church class about moving up to 6th grade and coming to summer camp. outcome: undetermined. then we went home to eat pbj's (end of the month, you know) and baked cheetos (yum). took a nap. did an interview or two. then, things got good. aaron, jeanette, landon and i went to dave and amy's house to eat. wait, eat is an understatement. to slovenly stuff ourselves is a little more like it. dave's dad works on the fishing docks in alaska and occassionaly sends him fresh alaskan seafood. there was crab, halibut and salmon, all beautifully prepared by dave. we had bowtie pasta (my favorite) in pesto sauce and salads and yummy bread, too. the pictures you see here are of our after dinner antics. the cute little blond is dave and amy's baby, katelyn. she's so sweet. we brough doc and for awhile, he tried to steal katelyn's teddy bear. doc was beyond wound up for awhile - you see him here boxing with landon. he played with everyone there, including dave and amy's two lab-and-something-else-big mixes - max and molly. it was hysterical. after awhile he calmed down though. and we watched the first half of the mavs. killin the grizzlies. landon and i came home and watched the end. i was very sleepy. so we slept.

exciting, huh? livin the life, i'll tell ya. don't be jealous.

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