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Philippians 1:6

Monday, April 10, 2006


there were 500,000 people marching for rights of (illegal) immigrants in dallas yesterday.

i know this has been happening all over the country.

when i drove into austin on friday, there were a bunch of mexican-american ut kids with a huge sign painted and hanging over an overpass atop southbound I-35 advertising a student walk-out on monday. funny they were planning it for monday and not during the weekend. anything to get out of class.

on most of these social issues, i'm pretty in the middle.

i mean, i know our country would not function as it does now without hardworking mexican illegal immigrants doing jobs others don't want to do. i am all for working toward a better life. i know america is a melting pot, and i think that's a wonderful thing.

but they're illegal. they're not citizens. i mean, i have a problem fighting for the rights of people who broke the law to get here.

and i was talking to some people this weekend who brought up interesting points: bush's plan for these people was more than fair. it was rejected last week, but it offered them a very, very good deal. pay a fine (some nominal fee like $1,500, i think), and then go through the proper procedures to become a legal immigrant. and if you don't want to do that, he even had an optional work visa they could get. just something to get control of the number of people coming in and out. a record of sorts. anything.

but that's not good enough.

what exactly do they want? just to stay for free without any consequences or any required procedures?

i mean, think of the alternative... he could kick them all out. round them up gestapo-style, and throw them in jail.

things could be worse here, people.

i don't know. like i said. i'm torn. and only vaguely educated on the subject.

but it just seems like a lot of flack over something that the president is trying to compromise on.

maybe they should accept a good deal while they can get it.

but what do i know?

taking a slightly futuristic look at this issue: we are witnessing the stuff of history books here.

(pictures are borrowed from people present at yesterday's march in dallas.)

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Molly said...

I may not be a Republican, but I am all about Bush's plan. Anyone who has watched illegal immigrants take advantage of our system and use taxpayer dollars to fund their 8 children knows what I mean. I have several Hispanic friends and I am all about them being here legally. Yes, that's the word - legally. Hate me if you must, but that's my opinion. I totally agree Sarah. Think about all those education dollars being spent on ESL kids whose parents are here illegally.