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Philippians 1:6

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

re:, the greatest NFL website of all

it was recently announced that was selected to receive the award for "best content" out of 32 pro football team websites in 2005. that award recognizes all the articles, columns, videos, radio broadcasts and press conferences carried by the site last season as being the best of the best.

as you may know, i've been an "intern" with the cowboys since the summer before the 2004 season, and i love every (free) minute of it. mickey is my mentor and has taught me so much about being a journalist and about writing. i can ask him anything about anything - from sports, to newsrooms, to life. he knows i will write for him until the day he kicks me out.

in 'mick's shots' at the end of his column yesterday, mickey thanked us interns for our contributions to the site last year. here's what he said:

"In case you didn't hear, the 32 NFL club website directors gave the "Best Content" award at this week's NFL Business Summit being held in Dallas. Nick and I would certainly like to thank our army of interns you guys have been reading, Chad, Erin, Sarah; also Brad for his columns during the season; and especially Rob. Without him, we could not have put up the volume of quality content we did during the season."

go here to read it for yourself. (scroll to the bottom to see, but read the column, too. it's greatness.)

i am proud to be mentioned and even prouder of my friend and teacher, mickey spagnola.

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