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Philippians 1:6

Saturday, April 29, 2006

from the cave: a tight end?

the cowboys traded down from no. 49 to no. 53 in the second round and picked notre dame's anthony fasano.

according to the boys on the ticket, it's probably because there's no one else they wanted so they took the best player on the board. regardless of the fact that the cowboys appear to have plenty of tight ends already on the roster.

also from them, he was a standout when watching the fighting irish this season, he's not a blocker and (from chad) he was one of three finalists for the mackey tight end award.

fasano is on the ticket now and said graduating was his first priority. smart tight ends. gotta love 'em.

that's all i got. i'll update with a link as soon as rob has the story posted.

UPDATE: here's the story.

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