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"...being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you
will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

landon's birthday update.

yesterday was landon's 26th birthday. i was super busy at work with this big story, and i was trying to hurry to get home to him so we could hang out. that's why i didn't post anything on here.

we did have two other birthday celebrations for him: one at our apt last saturday with my family and a couple friends. and then we went to san angelo for the super bowl and hung out on monday. i have photos from the party at our house, and i'll post them just as soon as i figure out where the cord is to connect my camera to my computer.

but last night...we were super tired from driving home from san angelo (we got home at 1 a.m. on monday), and so we were very lazy. we ate ribs from dickey's, watched the mavs shut down kobe and i gave him two cards and his present - a dirk jersey. we're also going to bob's steak and chop house as part of his present. we haven't made a reservation yet. he's SO excited. men and steak. sheesh.

it was quite fun - even though i did fall asleep for the whole second half.

this morning we're having coffee together and it's nice to be well rested. i got at least 10 hours last night. love it.

and i love landon. my wonderful husband. happy birthday, darling!

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