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"...being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you
will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6

Friday, January 13, 2006


here is an update. more people than i was aware of check this blog and they want some updates. here are a are upcoming.

christmas...i had five of them. or was it six? it might've been six. i got fabulous stuff though. from landon i got a massaging bath pillow (i'd been wanting a pillow FOREVER), a fabulous white robe, this super cool tray that sits across the bathtub so you can set your book and a drink on it (sensing a theme here?) and i got a beautiful poppy picture. one to add to my collection. someday i will have a poppy room. it'll be lovely. i also got cute shoes in my stocking and TONS of chocolate...especially love the godiva chocolates. from my dad i got citrine earrings (it's my birthstone) and a gift certificate to the movies. the earrings are very pretty and we love movies. from my mom i got a super cute shirt from gap and landon and i got a down comforter...sooo nice. from kelly landon and i got egg nog waffle mix from williams sonoma and a waffle cookbook and syrup. so yum. also kelly got me super cute earrings. from laura i got VERSACE sunglasses!! they are super hot. from scott we got the SMU sweatshirt blanket i've been longing for forever. from travis we got a perfect pottery barn green photo album for our wedding photos. then from landon's family my list is so long. i got olivia and eloise (kylah) and lemony snicket books. i got a new red bible that says Sarah Henry on it.. super special. we got a first christmas ornament that is a really pretty wedding cake. i got the cinderella dvd, a pretty white teapot, pjs, a silver wedding picture frame and....i feel like there's more, but i can't remember it. there was so much. i was spoiled. oh...from landon's brother i got a gray express sweater and from his best friend we got another gift certificate for the movies. then....we got a new stereo from the gump III family because they were our exchange family. it was really an increidble christmas present-wise. it was weird that it was the first one away from my family, but it was neat to have my new family (landon) to wake up with on christmas morning.

so that's that... maybe i should stop there. you're probably wishing you hadn't asked...

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Natalie said...

youre back! yay! sounds like you had a great first christmas... thanks for the update, keep them coming!